Voeten op het tapijt, ogen op de toekomst


Voeten op het tapijt, ogen op de toekomst


Made in Italy, R&D, customer, and environmentally focused: this is Alma. Find out more about our latest news

With a fully integrated production cycle from fiber to finished product, Alma stands out in the international temporary installations sector for its needle-punched carpeting. Proudly made in Italy and certified fully recyclable, Alma's carpets are a trusted choice.

Operating from the facility in the province of Florence, Alma delivers versatility, flexibility, and efficiency to meet the dynamic demands of a constantly evolving market. Offering a wide range of 144 colours, Alma can customize tonality to meet specific customer requests.

Alma has always been focused on technological innovation and production processes. This is why it has continuously invested in renewing its machinery, in R&D, and in eco-designing products, to deliver solutions that are both environmentally friendly and high performing.


Recently, Alma inaugurated a new production line, a significant technological investment resulting in increased productivity and environmental benefits. Thanks to this machinery, Alma has nearly doubled its production capacity while reducing energy consumption by 35%.


Alma's carpets are exported to over 60 countries, with a growing presence in the Middle and Far East. Additionally, the company aims to strengthen its presence in America, thanks to the recent opening of a new office/branch/affiliate in the United States.


The commitment is to create value in all its forms, from carpet production to its post-event life, for its employees, suppliers, and customers worldwide.