Flanders Flooring Days 2024

Flanders, Belgium


Kronospan is one of the leading worldwide manufacturers of melamine-faced boards, PB OSB, MDF, HDF, flooring, and many other value-added products used by designers, builders and carpenters.

We have a presence in 123 countries and employ over 14,000 dedicated professionals across our 40 locations.


Manufacturing on three continents, we have built a global reach combined with a strong local presence focused on a single goal - to answer the needs and requirements of businesses and households all across the globe.

Completely aware of the responsibility towards the environment and the influence on it, the company is strongly committed to reducing its carbon footprint, optimizing resource use, and minimizing waste throughout its operations.

This dedication is also shown through our high focus on sustainability and recycling, which motivates the incorporation of circular economy principles in production process.

At the Kronospan booth during the Flanders Flooring Days, attendees can expect to experience a showcase of cutting-edge materials tailored to meet the industry's evolving demands.

With stunning decors and textures, digitally printed designs, and waterproof solutions, our diverse range of flooring products reflects our commitment to excellence and innovation.


The veneer parquet and laminate flooring collections, renowned for their mo.re! technology, are created to oppose the everyday mishaps. The board's substrate agents are hard wearing and resist swelling.

The Organic lineup is a remarkable leap in waterproofing capabilities thanks to O.R.C.A. technology. Its wood self-sealing property ensures unparalleled protection against splash-water damage, making it twice as good as conventional floor coverings.

Engineered to withstand varying humidity levels, the Rocko SPC flooring is always a solid step-up and a reliable barrier against water.

The Krono Original® brand contains 13 collections with 163 captivating decors, spanning veneer parquet, waterproof laminate and SPC flooring and an assortment of plank sizes and competitive advantages.

This comprehensive portfolio caters to both practical and aesthetic considerations.


Kronospan provides a broad spectrum of choices for consumers and industry professionals alike.

Whether you are looking for innovative floors, durability and waterproof features, timeless veneer designs, contemporary laminate flooring or eco-friendly products, we have it all.