Masterclass Design Language - Guiding Narratives

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Masterclass Design Language - Guiding Narratives

Christine Boland, Analyzing the Zeitgeist, Keynote speaker, Consultant

donderdag 16 mei 2024
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Seminar Room - English spoken

Join me for Guiding Narratives, my analysis of the DesignLanguage of summer 2025. It might sound distant, but it's best to be prepared for a period of profound change.

Imagine what it means for your work or brand when boundaries vanish, and we are free to reinterpret styles, shapes, and materials limitlessly.
As luxury transforms into understated modesty and we witness things that are currently unimaginable and unachievable. Summer 2025 promises to be weird and wonderful; the roles of curators and stylists become essential.
In Guiding Narratives, I delve deeply into these trends, uncovering their driving forces and showing you how to translate them into products and stories.



Analyzing what is happening now, why it is happening, and understanding its impact on the future is something that energizes her. Christine wants to grasp the spirit of the times and comprehend it, in order to assist individuals, brands, and organizations in taking the right steps. We are living in a pivotal decade, and our future is being shaped right now.

She will show you what drives the people of today by delving deep into the spirit of the times and uncovering their motivations. This way, you can gain valuable insights and maximize opportunities for yourself, your brand, and your organization.

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